About Our Company

ConsumerNation is a family owned business founded on an entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and a constant strive for excellence.

What started-out as an idea for a college assignment turned into an actual business opportunity for father and son. It was the perfect pairing given Mario is a full-stack designer with twenty-two years of experience in the digital space, and Aaron is pursuing a degree in business.

Our goal at ConsumerNation is to provide consumers a resource center and knowledge hub where they can review products and services before they buy. Therefore, we partnered with a select group of top brands to help shoppers find the finest selection of quality products and services.

In addition, we provide buying recommendations to consumers based on our extensive research and experience in the niche markets we're promoting in an effort to provide real value and savings to consumers.

Although we only want to promote a very select collection of reputable brands and popular products, we nevertheless are always evaluating our catalog to provide consumers with the best choices. Therefore, please contact us us if you have any suggestions for products or services that you think we should consider adding to our website.

Many thanks!
Mario and Aaron

Photo of Father & Son
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